{Sermon On The Mount}

       The sermon on the Mount is a sermon about His Kingdom.  He spells out what really matters…how life should be lived. There are TWO Kingdoms -only two. Jesus is telling us how to live in HIS Kingdom. We already know how to live in this world- live selfishly, gratifying the desires of the flesh, looking out for ourselves first and foremost.. Now, He introduces some thing NEW- a new ethic, a new lifestyle, a new attitude, a new way to live.                       There is no question this is new talk. Nobody had ever taught like this before.  

“Will I be just like everyone else or will I choose to follow Jesus and become like Him?  Is He my model for life or is it something else?”   We ALL must answer that question…..every day. 

Get ready:  Jesus is taking us on a wild ride in this Sermon on the Mount.                                                                There is more to come, and it is awe inspiring…..