follow the pattern of the original churches.

Southside Christian Church is affiliated with the Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ.  The Christian Church is part of the Restoration Heritage, a movement that began in the 1800’s to counteract the negative effects of denominations and division.  The desire is to restore the local church to the practices and teachings of the church that is presented in the Bible, following the pattern established by the original Apostles.  We lovingly challenge all churches to discard man made doctrines and practices, and follow the pattern of the original churches.

We are self governed

Consequently, Southside is truly nondenominational in name and structure.  We are self governed, with no accountability to any outside governing authority.  We have communion weekly, as part of our worship.  We practice baptism by immersion.  We have elders and deacons.

we are Christians only

We attempt to follow the teachings of the New Testament in all things.  “Where the Bible speaks, we speak.  Where the Bible is silent, we are silent.”  Our attitude is this:  “We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only.”